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How Jurassic World Is Good For Independent Filmmaking

jurassic_world_image_20150623Last week I published my first post on Medium, titled How Jurassic World Is Good For Independent Filmmaking. My post was motivated by a Mark Harris article on Grantland.

Harris’ argument was that Jurassic World is not just another example of major movie studios hunting for blockbusters. It’s more sinister than that. Studios want films they can build whole businesses around, in addition to filling theaters. The Jurassic Park series fits the bill perfectly.

I argue this shift will actually help independent filmmaking. As studios direct more resources toward the hunt for movie-inspired businesses, they will neglect independent films. That shift opens a void that new creative ventures can fill. And these ventures will more than capably fill that void.

See my post for the whole argument. I hope to publish more on Medium in the future. It seems like a good platform, with a lot of engagement and some really cool material. Enjoy.

Being Competitive Is Overrated and Overdone

linkedin_competitionLast week I published a post on LinkedIn about how being competitive isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Some people describe themselves as competitive. Other people don’t. This difference in self-perception creates conflict, fear, and anxiety.

The other problem is the separation between competitive people and non-competitive people is false. Everyone is competitive. The nature of life is to compete, whether it’s against other people, other businesses, or barriers to your own development.

Growth implies competition. Growth means overcoming a barrier or limitation. Everyone wants to grow in one way or another. And that means everyone is competitive.

Let’s get over the bravado of being competitive. At best, it’s meaningless. At worst, it’s harmful. See my post for more details.

You Tell Yourself Stories. Make Sure They’re The Right Ones.

linkedin_storyA couple of weeks ago, I published a post on LinkedIn about the stories you tell yourself. Stories help us make sense of the world. We’re wired to tell stories about everything that happens in our lives.

We take great liberties. Facts are few and far between. Many possible stories exist that align with these few facts.

Knowing the possibilities, you must tell yourself the right stories, the ones that empower you and improve your relationship with other people. Don’t sabotage yourself or others. See my post for more details.