Ronda Rousey Shows The One Thing You Need To Succeed

Courtesy a zuko1312. cc.

Courtesy zuko1312. cc.

I published a post on LinkedIn today, explaining how Ronda Rousey shows the one thing you need to succeed. That one thing? Committing to a goal without the guarantee of success.

People with track records of great success have this trait in common. They understand there aren’t any guarantees in life. Uncertainty is unavoidable. They do their best to turn the odds in their favor, but somehow they are able to work incredibly hard, even while knowing the ultimate outcome may not materialize.

When I think back to my personal successes, this characteristic shows up. Granted, I’ve not had anywhere near Ronda Rousey-level success. But it’s interesting that this idea of commitment in the face of uncertainty is universal.

For more details, read my whole post. Thanks.

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