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At Home, We’re Human. At Work, We’re Not. That’s a Problem.

human linkedin 20150701Yesterday I published a post on LinkedIn titled “At Home, We’re Human. At Work, We’re Not. That’s a Problem.”

The post is about how we try to be superhuman at work. We pretend we don’t have weaknesses. We don’t behave or act like we do at home, when we’re most human.

I know why people behave as muted versions of themselves at work. It makes sense. My argument is the pendulum has swung too far. We’re too robotic at work. It has become a competitive advantage simply to talk and speak like a human being.

I hope you take a minute to read the post. I had fun writing it. I have fun writing all of these posts. I feel like writing has made me more aware, both of myself and the word around me. Writing makes me think more about my experiences, and how any lessons I learn from those experiences might help other people.

Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

Seymour Hersh Wants You To Get To The Point

Isaac Chotiner interviewed Seymour Hersh for Slate. Hersh is a journalist who controversially accused the Obama administration of lying about the capture of Osama Bin Laden.

Chotiner published an edited transcript of his conversation with Hersh as the Slate story. One really interesting part is when Chotiner tries to dive more deeply into an answer Hersh gave:

Chotiner: OK well it seems like the upshot of what you are saying, and correct me if this is wrong—

Hersh: I just said what I said. I don’t want to hear what the upshot is. If you have another question then ask it…

Hersh does not come off as a sympathetic character in this interview. But this is one part where I sympathize with him. Chotiner wastes a lot of words pushing Hersh in a particular direction. Hersh clearly doesn’t have patience for this.

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