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Sometimes I’m Sad Knowing How Much I Don’t Know

apple_and_books_20150503I have unexpectedly dedicated this year to personal development. I write more now and share what I write. I read more about career development. I listen to more podcasts.

I learn almost every day about something I previously knew very little about. Learning is exciting. I find new teachers, whether they’re authors, podcast hosts, speakers, whatever. I find new topics to explore.

It’s endless, which is fun most of the time. But sometimes it makes me sad, because I simply don’t have the time to learn about all the things I want to learn about.

An example of something I’d love to learn about

Let’s take the most recent example: storytelling. I listened to Tim Ferriss interview Jon Favreau on his podcast recently. Jon Favreau talked a lot about Joseph Campbell, the father of American mythology. I’m mildly embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t heard of Joseph Campbell before the interview. Or if I had heard of him, I certainly didn’t remember.

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Inspire Your Creativity By Listening To Podcasts

Courtesy flattop341. cc.

Courtesy flattop341. cc.

Looking to jump start your creativity? One classic piece of advice is to consume media. Read books or articles. Watch videos. Listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks. The more information you shove into your brain, the more likely something will spark your creative energy.

A small, but important, personal example

This phenomenon happened to me recently, on my way to work, when I listened to Tim Ferriss interview Amanda Palmer on his podcast. At one point in the show, Amanda mentions how everything is a tradeoff. She used the example of book publishing, specifically going with a traditional publisher versus going independently.

Zooming out from book publishing, her broader message was clear. Some routes are better for some people in some instances. But no route is perfect. You’ll inevitably make sacrifices. It’s helpful when the sacrifices are deliberate, when you know exactly what you’re giving up, and what you’re getting in return.

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